2024 Reading List

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Books read in 2024: 30
  1. The Birth Partner [10]Author(s):
    • Penny Simkin
    • Very helpful and practical book

  2. When the Man Comes Around: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation [10]Author(s):
    • Doug Wilson
    • Helpful explanation of Revelation from a partial preterist and post millennial view

  3. Reformed Basics [10]Author(s):
    • Doug Wilson
    • Toby Sumpter
    • Helpful intro to reformed theology

  4. Misinflation: The Truth about Inflation, Pricing, and the Creation of Wealth [10]Author(s):
    • Doug Wilson
    • David Bahnsen
    • Great book correcting some economic misunderstandings

  5. Ploductivity: A Practical Theology of Work & Wealth [1]Author(s):
    • Doug Wilson
    • Great book - very practical and highly recommended

  6. Household and the War for the Cosmos: Recovering a Christian Vision for the Family [100]Author(s):
    • C.R. Wiley
    • Felt like a teaser for other works… not worth reading

  7. Scale: The Universal Laws of Life, Growth, and Death in Organisms, Cities, and Companies []Author(s):
    • Geoffrey West

  8. Treasure Seekers []Author(s):
    • E. Nesbit

  9. In the House of Tom Bombadil [10]Notes:
    • Not sure I agree with his thesis (that Tom represents stewardship and dominion without domination), but a very interesting read nonetheless

  10. Born to Wonder: Exploring Our Deepest Questions—Why Are We Here and Why Does It Matter? []Author(s):
    • Alister McGrath

  11. How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships [1000]Author(s):
    • Leil Lowndes
    • A few interesting tips, but mostly felt like cheap tricks

  12. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [1]Author(s):
    • Stephen R. Covey
    • This remains one of the most impactful books I have ever read. Well worth reading every day.

  13. Lambda Calculus from Ground Up [1]Author(s):
    • David Beazley
  14. Biblical Interpretation [10]Author(s):
    • Vern Poythress
    • A great lecture series by Vern on the subject of biblical interpreation.
    • Available in Canon+

  15. The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed.: The Definitive Book on Value Investing [10]Author(s):
    • Benjamin Graham
    • Jason Zweig
    • Warren E. Buffett
    • Very insightful book on investing. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever found.

  16. Thoughts for Young Men [10]Author(s):
    • J.C. Ryle
    • Good book with some helpful admonitions

  17. Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual [1]Author(s):
    • Jocko Willink
    • Very helpful practical guide to leading anything from a team to a family to an organization

  18. Economics; Money & Hope [100]Author(s):
    • R. J. Rushdoony
    • Underwhelming… I think there are better voices out there on these subjects

  19. Shelf Life: Reading, Thinking and Resisting the Tyranny of the Urgent [0]Author(s):
    • George Grant
    • Amazing lecture challenging the listeners to repent by reading
    • Available in Canon+

  20. How to Read a Book: Advice for Christian Readers [1]Author(s):
    • Andrew David Naselli
    • Good read with some great recommendations/lists of what to read

  21. Read The Room: A Worldview Guide To Interior Design [1]Author(s):
    • Rebekah Merkle
    • Fascinating look at interior design and the language of art and design in general
    • Available in Canon+

  22. Till We Have Faces [0]Author(s):
    • C. S. Lewis
    • This remains one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read

  23. Practical Object-Oriented Design: An Agile Primer Using Ruby [1]Author(s):
    • Sandi Metz
    • Very insightful read that does a great job of communicating the principles of good design

  24. The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us about How and When This Crisis Will End [10]Author(s):
    • Neil Howe
    • Fascinating read
    • Generational cycles that repeat every four generations produce a cycle of about 80 years - and we are transitioning from one cycle to another now…

  25. Interpreting the Bible [10]Author(s):
    • A. Berkeley Mickelsen
    • Does a good job of giving practical advice
    • A helpful resource on various topics

  26. Strangely Bright: Can You Love God and Enjoy This World? [10]Author(s):
    • Joe Rigney
    • Very helpful book for the American church

  27. Screwtape Letters [10]Author(s):
    • C. S. Lewis
    • Great read as always. Appreciated the notes about men vs. women

  28. Heaven Misplaced: Christ’s Kingdom on Earth [10]Author(s):
    • Doug Wilson
    • One hopes…
    • There are a number of threads in this book: the most relevant and compelling was the thread noting concerns about the spiritualization of our eternal state
    • I didn’t find the arguments for post-millennialism compelling, but need to dig into a few of them further

  29. Home Space Planning [100]Author(s):
    • Nancy Temple
    • Some interesting examples, but all very specific

  30. How to Stay Married: The Most Insane Love Story Ever Told [100]Author(s):
    • Harrison Scott Key
    • I expected more advice and guidance from this book, but I still appreciated its dark humor and how it highlights the pain caused by sin and discontent
    • A helpful warning for those who are married