Running Gitbook on Gitlab Jan 27, 2019 | 1 minute

Here’s how to run a gitbook in gitlab pages:

  1. Create a repo in Gitlab
  2. Clone the template here
  3. Add the following file as .gitlab-ci.yml and push to gitlab:
# requiring the environment of NodeJS 6.12.x
image: node:6.12

# add 'node_modules' to cache for speeding up builds
    - node_modules/ # Node modules and dependencies

  - npm install gitbook-cli -g # install gitbook
  - gitbook fetch latest # fetch latest stable version
  - gitbook install # add any requested plugins in book.json

# the 'pages' job will deploy and build your site to the 'public' path
  stage: deploy
    - gitbook build . public # build to public path
      - public
    - master # this job will affect only the 'master' branch

Once you push this, you’ll have a gitbook running.

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