Pub/Sub in a Nutshell

#Google Cloud #Professional Data Engineer Certfication #Pub/Sub


This post is part of a series of posts with notes as I’m studying for Google’s Professional Data Engineer Certification.

This particular post covers Pub/Sub in a nutshell.


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  • Fully managed, data ingestion and distro. system
  • Async., real-time message bus
  • Good soln. for buffering changes for lightly-coupled architectures
    • P/S decouples publishers and subscribers
  • HIPPA compliant
  • Stores data for up to 31 days
    • Default is 7 days
  • Has topics and subscriptions
    • Data is published to a topic
    • Subscriptions dictate who recieves content for which topics
    • Relationship btw. topics and subscriptions can be one:one or one:many
    • Relationship btw. publishers and subscribers and can be one:many, many:one, or many:many
    • Multiple subscribers can work on a single subscription
  • Guarantees “at least once” delivery
    • May send duplicate and/or out-of-order messages
  • Two options for delivery:
    1. Push (from pub/sub to subscriber)
    2. Pull (from subscriber to pub/sub)
    3. Sync. - “Give me n messages”
    4. Async. - Higher throughput - Better for latency-sensitive applications
  • Two, primary use-cases:
    1. Streaming analytics/ingestion of data into analytic systems
    2. Async. workflows w/ decoupled publishers and subscribers