Questions for QA Jul 25, 2018 | 1 minute

In doing QA-esque things for friends and coworkers, I have noticed that some people do not have a good sense of how to ‘QA’ something. I compiled a short list of questions below that I ask myself.

Testing Inputs

Does the system handle1…

Different Quantities

  • a little input?
  • a lot?
  • A LOT?
  • nothing?
  • a ‘normal’ amount?
  • one value that is really short?
  • one value that is really loooonnnnnnggggg?

Different Qualities

  • something of a weird type?
  • input that is already in the system?
  • uppercase?
  • lowercase?
  • input with special characters (e.g. Unicode) in it?

Testing Workflows

  • go forward
  • go backwards from each step
  • go back-and-forth between steps

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About me

Welcome! I’m Floyd Hightower.

I am a programmer who is passionate about making the world a better place using technology.


Life Principles

Here are some of the principles I try apply to every area of my life:

  • Let your ideas see the light of day
  • Always be willing to accept feedback and criticism (even when it is poorly delivered)
  • Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour (Rome wasn’t built in a day)
  • Don’t be too proud to follow a good example
  • Loose ends always unravel
  • Unanswered questions never go away
  • The Tisroc won’t live forever whether you want him to or not
  • Talk less; listen more
  • Use more semi-colons
  • Use oxford commas
  • Learn how to politely say “No”
  • Don’t let the possibility of failure scare you away from starting something
  • To do something, you have to do something
  • A whiteboard is worth a thousand laptops
  • Ideas have consequences