A Critical Examination of Jonathan Edwards’s Doctrine of the Trinity

January 15, 2019 - This work examines Jonathan Edward's view of the trinity, especially focusing on his understanding of the person of the Holy Spirit. The author argues that "while his restatement of Augustinian orthodoxy served the church well during a time of great doctrinal heterodoxy, it created some problems of its own".

This article has been particularly helpful as I have been lately concerned with the seemingly uncritical and definitely unsubstantiated1 use of Jonathan Edwards in my church. While I appreciate the brilliance and contributions of Jonathan Edwards, we are dealing with someone who said he was “not afraid to say twenty things about the Trinity which the Scripture never said”2 and we seem to be perfectly comfortable with this boldness (which, I think, is a danger).

You can learn more here: https://tgc-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/themelios/Themelios39.2.pdf#page=12.

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