Redrawing the Line Between Hermeneutics and Application

January 25, 2019 - An article arguing that, in leaving the grammatico-historical principles, the New Hermeneutic has made application part of the Hermeneutic process "thereby confusing definitions of hermeneutics, exegesis, meaning, and interpretation"

I could certainly be wrong, but this article’s lament that the New Hermeneutic has “[incorporated] the step of application into the hermeneutical process”1 seems to contradict Article IX of the Chicago which says:

“We affirm that the term hermeneutics, which historically signified the rules of exegesis, may properly be extended to cover all that is involved in the process of perceiving what the biblical revelation means and how it bears on our lives.”

Just observing that Article IX seems to allow for application to be brought under the auspices of “hermeneutics” while this article argues to the contrary. I’m not taking a side that argument (yet), but just pointing out that there appears to be disagreement.

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