OneMillion API

API to check if a domain is in a list of the one million most visited domains.

TCEX Playground

System for using the tcex package locally.

ThreatConnect DoubleCheck

Library for testing and validating the contents and structure of data in ThreatConnect.

Playbook Documenter

Library for creating documentation for any ThreatConnect playbook.

Indicator of Compromise Utility Library

Helpful functions for working with indicators of compromise.


Utility functions using the TcEx package.

Indicator of Compromise Finder

Python package to find Indicators-of-Compromise in text.

Python Eve REST API Templates

Templates for working with Python Eve REST API Framework.

Python Flask Template

Simply cookiecutter template for flask apps that is ready to deploy to Heroku.


Algorithm and classification system to identify and monitor Unicode domain squats which may used to target an organization.

ThreatConnect TCEX App Template

Create a ThreatConnect TCEX app in less than 30 seconds.

Github Issue Label Creator

Quickly create sensible labels for issues in Github. Started with code from:


Check if a domain is in the Alexa or Cisco one million domain lists.

ThreatConnect Populator

A script to create every available object in ThreatConnect.

Python Project Template

Template for new Python projects.

Evil Pickle

A demonstration of how a pickle can be exploited in Python. "How camest thou in this pickle?"

21 Marbles

A simple game involving 21 marbles with some surprising results when analyzed.

Page Monitor

A simple webpage monitor that sends an email if website's content changes.