Playbook Friday Blogs

Some of my playbooks were featured in ThreatConnect's playbook Friday blogs.

Task View

Elegant, simple task view for ThreatConnect.

TCEX Playground

System for using the tcex package locally.

ThreatConnect DoubleCheck

Library for testing and validating the contents and structure of data in ThreatConnect.

Playbook Documenter

Library for creating documentation for any ThreatConnect playbook.

Profile Creator

Spaces app to create profiles for the unstructured indicator importer (

Unstructured Indicator Importer App

Spaces app for ThreatConnect to make it easy to import indicators from unstructured text.

Array Iterator

Playbook components to iterate through an array in a playbook.

Playbook Multimeter

Spaces app and playbook component to view data across multiple playbooks.

Human-in-the-Loop Playbook System

A component, playbook, and instructions for creating human-in-the-loop playbooks.


Utility functions using the TcEx package.

Playbook Development Tools

Spaces app with tools to aid playbook development like JSON path search, JMES search, regex filtering, and more.

Mass Indicator Investigator

Investigate many indicators of compromise with many tools in one view.

Structured Import App

Spaces app to import structured content. Structured import for humans.


R SDK for ThreatConnect.

Note Taker

Spaces app to take and save notes in ThreatConnect.

ThreatConnect Javascript Spaces App Template

Create a ThreatConnect spaces app (in Javascript) in less than 30 seconds.

ThreatConnect Angular Spaces App Template

Create a ThreatConnect spaces app (in Angular) in less than 30 seconds.

HTTP Request JSON Mapper

Quickly and easily create a json path app from json.

Playbook Explorer

View open source playbooks, components, and apps.

TCEX App Creation UI

User interface to help you create a ThreatConnect Exchange app.

Keyboard Shortcuts for ThreatConnect

Enough said. Short cuts make for long delays.

Playbook Constructs and Paradigms

Tips and tricks for building quality and maintainable playbooks.

ThreatConnect TCEX App Template

Create a ThreatConnect TCEX app in less than 30 seconds.

ThreatConnect Populator

A script to create every available object in ThreatConnect.