Playbook Friday Blogs

Some of my playbooks were featured in ThreatConnect's playbook Friday blogs.

GUI vs. UI

Why you shouldn't use the term 'UI' to describe a GUI.


I believe language is powerful. This post highlights some words I have have invented (or stolen from other languages).

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Anything of great value takes time to design, develop, and refine.

A Definitive Guide for Ignoring Sublime Linter Errors

How to hide errors from Sublime Text linters like pep8, flake8, pydocstyle, and others. Because linter errors are more guidelines than actual rules.

Let Your Ideas See the Light of Day

Ideas must be exposed to reality and open for criticism to make them powerful and world-changing.

Questions for QA

Abstract questions to ask when performing QA.

"If money grew on trees, we would use leaves as currency."

JavaScript Puzzles: How Well do you Know Javascript?

Javascript puzzles to test your understanding of Javascript.

Logic Operations

Play around with logical operations and their mathematical representations.

Collatz Conjecture Playground

Play around with the Collatz conjecture.